Coming Home to Write


Peter Karapetkov

I have known Bren Dubay since 1995, and I have had the great pleasure of directing two of her plays. The first, Irish Mist, was produced

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Michael Harren

Writing musical theater with Bren Dubay presented a depth of collaboration I had not experienced before, nor have I experienced since. Her writing has a

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Kyle Henry

Bren Dubay is a profoundly inspiring mentor and educator. Her deeply probing work as a playwright, which often deals with the cyclical nature of trauma

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Terence Lamude

Whilst braving a cold, cold winter in my home in NYC, I received a warming phone call from Bren Dubay asking me to direct a

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Jeffrey Green

We in the Department of Theater, Communication & Media Arts, consider ourselves so fortunate that a theater artist, practitioner and playwright of Bren Dubay’s accomplishments

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Ted Swindley

Bren Dubay is a very talented and valuable playwright – a unique voice in American theatre. She needs to be heard and her plays need

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Suzanne Savoy

My work with Bren Dubay on a number of projects and in various capacities has given me a close-up view of her creativity as a

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Bryan Coley

We chose Bren as one of six writers to participate in Art Within’s Screenwriting Lab. She knocked our socks off. Bren is a true artist.

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