Coming Home to Write

Finding My Way Back

Photo by Tom Parsons

So, here I am living in rural Georgia. I didn’t die in 2015 … and yet it has still taken two years from the time this site went up for me to pen a home page for it. As a kid, I wanted to write. Then I forgot. When I remembered, I spent about a decade writing … doing what I loved. Then I took a fork in the road. It was only supposed to be a brief detour. I was going to help save the world then get back to writing. Well, the world isn’t saved … on the contrary, but that is a story to write on another day … The world wasn’t saved and I have had my first taste of mortality. Nothing too serious, but I was shaken from my stupor and woke up knowing clearly that I had to come home. Writing is home.

I am not at a place in life where I can write full time again … I guess I am still trying to save the world … but I am going to see what I can do knowing what I know now. It will take a while to dig out all the writing I’ve done and post information. I should be writing new stuff anyway. I am going to start the blog soon and see what happens. Maybe from time to time, I’ll add news to this home page. If you’re checking this site and there haven’t been any new postings in a couple of months, please send me a message. All it need say is, “Go home.” I know I want to … I need to find my way back.

Bren Dubay
St. Patrick’s Day
March 17, 2017


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