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Kindred Spirits

Photo by Boston Public Library

Read if you want to write. I’ll share with you what I’m reading, something that worked for me, something that didn’t. If you read the book, let me know the same for you.

Kevin Christopher Brown won the 2019 Best Indie Book Award for his novella Kindred Spirits.

Worked — Brown had an idea for a screenplay. He took that idea and turned it into a novella. I’ve thought about doing the same with one of my plays. Benefited from seeing what he did.

Didn’t work — I liked that the central characters were African slaves and Seminole native peoples. Set in 1853, I learned something from Brown’s research, but the end of the book fizzled. Katie edits much of my work and is always getting after me about my endings. She would really have gotten after Brown.

Best Indie Book Award

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