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Welcome to this work in progress … a website in its early stages. Have you ever gotten sidetracked? For a number of years, my focus was writing. Then it wasn’t. I got distracted trying to save the world. I got distracted more than once getting this website going. Time to get back on track.

Writing is nothing if not about discipline and accountability. This site is meant to help with both. Come by often and see if it is working.

Writing and writing about writing.


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Much Ado


Once upon a time, I was so young I thought all artists were progressives. I had taken the long way round to writing but there I was, a finalist for The Texas Playwrights’ Festival

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Tools and work bench
Much Ado

Use Your Hands

Not that I go around dreaming about biblical characters or saints … but Joseph showed up the other night. Yeah, that Joseph.

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Writing for Mystic Activists

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Road Trip to Nashville, TN?

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Writing About Writing


Kindred Spirits

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The Math is Simple …

If you write 1,000 words a day … read more

Flannery O’Connor

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