Coming Home to Write

My work with Bren Dubay on a number of projects and in various capacities has given me a close-up view of her creativity as a writer, actress and teacher. Performing in her plays Angleton Grill and Secrets was a privilege, as Bren herself is a gifted actress who worked in the professional theatre in Houston. That was where we first met, vying for the same roles; Bren usually won! I saw Bren at work as a compelling teacher when she brought me in as a guest speaker for her writing students at Rice University. She is a creative catalyst in the academic world and a motivating force among professional writers and performers. Beyond her roles as educator and playwright, Bren was involved in the genesis of the Houston Shakespeare Festival and the Children’s Theatre Festival at University of Houston. A willing collaborator, she welcomes thoughts and ideas of fellow artists. I was impressed by her willingness to incorporate copious notes into her writing, tirelessly remolding and refining, when I worked with her in a dramaturgical role on two of her plays Irish Mist and Dancing With the Dead. Bren is unstoppable, a quiet force of nature. She puts all her resources behind whatever project she takes on, in the meanwhile drawing on every talent—recognized or hidden—of her co-conspirators in artistic creation.

| Suzanne Savoy