Coming Home to Write

Update on Angleton Grill

Eric Ian Farmer — Photo by Dylan Western

Eric Ian Farmer and I continue to work on Angleton Grill. Here is a snippet of one of the songs, Million Dollars. That’s composer/lyricist Eric singing. What a talent!

It’s been slow going what with a world pandemic but our goal is to have the script including songs and lyrics completed by the end of the summer. Check back for more updates.

Check, too, an earlier post about Eric. I hope to get a synopsis of the play posted soon but until then … Joanna Dowling is a musical prodigy growing up in the Angelton Grill, a café in a small Texas town. Her mentor, Gideon, not only teaches her music but runs the café for Joanna’s erstwhile mother. Joanna travels from Texas to Georgia to New York. But when all is said and done, she comes home to the Grill and to her past.


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